Cosmic Charlie's all started during the summer of 2017 in Athens, Georgia. Ever since high school, I have loved creating custom jewelry pieces for me and those around me. Once I realized people actually liked what I was creating, I decided to turn it into a business. 


I have always strove to be thrifty yet trendy and unique and Cosmic Charlie's has given me the perfect outlet to combine those qualities. You may be wondering where the name stems from. "Cosmic Charlie" is a song by the Grateful Dead which has long been one of my favorite bands.


Many people consider me an old soul when it comes to music tastes which I love to reflect in the pieces I create, and their names! My music centric business flourished in Athens, GA and I now operate from the wonderful Nashville, TN! Thank for visiting my site, feel free to stay a while.

-Alexis Cason



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